Everything our kids learn is filtered through their senses, and each child has a unique sensory system. Our curriculum is designed to help each child strengthen and balance their senses in the great outdoors.

In this Tinkergarten Anywhere series:

  • 9 video lessons to learn at your child’s pace.

  • Designed for ages 2 to 8 years old.

  • Additional activities to keep learning all week long.

  • Parent tips to help you support your child.

  • Lesson map & badge to celebrate progress.

The Importance of


Spend time around young kids, and you see that most are drawn to activities that engage their senses. And yet, how each sense works and how our brains process and integrate all of the information gathered by our senses is rather complicated stuff. In a world filled with stimulation, we can’t afford to cut kids off from the chances to foster and coordinate each of these essential senses. All kids need opportunities to learn to gather, prioritize, process, and manage a variety of sensory inputs.

At Tinkergarten, we focus on 7 senses—the five we learned about in kindergarten and two “hidden senses” that kids need to feel ready to learn, ready to thrive and ready for anything. We're thrilled to offer a series about sensory development to guide your child’s development and you as you support your child's learning through outdoor play!

What you get in this series

Get all video lessons to watch anytime, anywhere and learn at your child's pace. Plus get a lesson map, skill badge and additional activities to keep outdoor learning fun and easy.

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