2x per week

Wed & Fri, 10:30–11:30am PDT

Pacific Community Park, Vancouver, WA

2x per week

Wed & Fri, 10:30–11:30am PDT

Pacific Community Park, Vancouver, WA

For Families

Learn on your own, or guided by a local teacher.


Learn outside. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • Expert-designed weekly video lessons to spark playful learning for 2-8 year olds.

  • Develop an essential skill each season.

  • Ready-to-go activities and printable resources keep kids engaged.

  • “Why & How” content helps you to support your child.

  • Photo scrapbook & a iron-on badge to celebrate progress each season.

Learn with a Local Teacher

Join classes and programs with a Tinkergarten
Teacher near you.

  • Follow the Tinkergarten curriculum.

  • Hosted by a trained Tinkergarten teacher.

  • Learn with other families in your community.

  • Search our Teacher directory to find out what teachers are offering near you!

Current Series



This Fall, help your child focus on Wellness—that combination of physical, mental and emotional health kids need to thrive. How? Irresistible invitations to play and explore the wonders of autumn.

How it works

Watch lessons anywhere, on your own schedule.

Easy for parents—step by step guides, tips and printables.

Build critical skills and a love of learning with expert-designed activities.

Build the habit of purposeful outdoor play!

Start with a Different Series

Our curriculum helps children develop 8 essential skills. Start today with our winter series where kids learn problem solving. Or start with another skill:

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Persistence is the ability to stick with something, pushing through challenges to reach our goals, learn and grow.


Our fun Camp Tinkergarten theme is anchored by sweet rituals and weekly lessons designed to use purposeful, outdoor play to bolster kids' communication—that symphony of skills we use to take in, make sense of and express ideas.


We'll help kids build strong roots in empathy, our human superpower. Kids learn to recognize emotions in themselves and others, explore taking another's perspective and discover fun, new ways to care for each other and the planet.


Everything our kids learn is filtered through their senses, and each child has a unique sensory system. Our curriculum is designed to help each child strengthen and balance their senses in the great outdoors.

Problem Solving

Playful problem solving now can help kids adjust to a changing environment, navigate key relationships, and contribute to their family, local and broader communities.

Parents Across the Country
Love Tinkergarten

I think the learning style fits every personality. There is guidance, but it does not feel pressured, children are able to do the activities but also explore on their own. This was great for my daughter because she is shy and also very independent.


I learned how and when to step back and let my son be himself in certain situations. That was a lesson that I needed so much as a parent. The leader was able to communicate this in such a gentle and generalized way that I was able to step back and see myself. Not only was that a useful lesson, it was life changing.

Unknown 2

Am I the only one who cried alligator tears when I read through the lesson plan? This is probably the most beautiful and absolutely brilliant way I've ever seen anyone teach kids empathy. Please hug whoever came up with this bout of genius. I can't wait to teach it!

Tinkergarten Teacher

We have enjoyed every minute. Each class I observed how engaged the girls were in the explorations and could tell that they were so immersed that they could've continued happily for much longer. I thank you for creating such a warm positive space for outdoor learning. It was a blast!


Absolutely LOVE Tinkergarden! I always thought I was doing enough "outdoor" activities with my daughter (2.5yo) but going to Tinkergarten has opened her (and myself) up to so much more! She's shown more respect for our earth too in such a short amount of time.

Unknown 1

I learned to be more patient and child led in my interactions. I have changed my perspective around how to initiate an idea and let the kids run with it.

Tinkergarten Teacher

Tinkergarten has taught me so much more about the creativity I’ve lost as I’ve gotten older. I remember when I used to play in the mud and how much fun it was when I was a kid.


We learned another way to play with them, to approach nature, and to ask them things like "What do you think? What do you see?" Not so much telling them what they see and what they think.

Unknown 5

We have been with you guys for awhile and it’s honestly the best part of our daughters day. She plays for hours after watching her tinkergarten anywhere classes. Thank you so much.

Unknown 7

I would have never thought to set him up with all these activities. I’m so grateful for Tinkergarten. It keeps him busy for the whole day. I leave everything out to play at his leisure.


I’m giving my kids a group that they get to call their own. We can’t afford preschool so this is their group of peers. I value them being able to learn from the leader alongside their Tinkergarten classmates.

Unknown 6


Unlock 27 Tinkergarten Anywhere lessons

  • Wellness, 9 lesson series

  • Problem Solving, 9 lesson series

  • Sensory series, 9 lesson series

Get the Package: $147


Can siblings join in the fun?
Yes! Tinkergarten Anywhere is designed for families with children aged 2-8. There is no limit to the number of siblings who can participate–it's still just $15 per month per family (or $165 per year).

How long does a Tinkergarten Anywhere lesson last?
Each lesson is designed to facilitate play & learning for an entire week. Lessons begin with a 10 minute video that includes songs, rituals and an “invitation” designed to inspire kids to get outside and play for hours. After the initial lesson, reference your Lesson page for printable resources, activities and more to keep the play going all week long!

What do I need to have on hand for each lesson?
After you subscribe, we will send you a weekly email with a list of the everyday materials you may want to have on hand. Some examples include bowls, water, string or dirt. You can also find the items you’ll need for each lesson in your My Tinkergarten dashboard. We’ll also automatically mail you an iron-on badge that celebrates completion of that series and progress towards the focus skill.

Each of the nine lessons will contain instructions for which everyday items you will need to kick off and support learning. Examples of those items are things like dirt, water, bowls, or string.

What if I want extra badges for additional siblings?
Each subscription automatically includes 1 badge. If you would like additional badges for additional Explorers, they can be purchased from the Tinkergarten Gear Store.

What are the Tinkergarten Anywhere policies?
Check out this handy FAQ for a full list of policies.